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petak, listopad 25, 2013
Ball cheap beats game with a big bucket of spicy chicken wings. How spicy? I am talking nuclear, tearsrollingdownyourface, sweatonyourforehead, blowoutyourcolon spicy! Why do I bring this up? Because the Super Bowl is on Sunday and I'm getting prepared to get my chow on. I know it is only Wednesday but I have planned out my whole Sunday so that I am prepared when the sport begins. Seasoned vets know that you can't starve your self all working day and then sit down to consume twenty five wings. Total rookie error. You require to pregame, infant! Serious eaters also know that if you sit down with a bucket of wings on an empty cheap nike air max stomach, you'll be lucky to make it via a Baker's Dozen. You need to be completely focused. Planning and business are the keys to success. And shit, we all know that no one is better at planning and business than Asians. Do you believe it is any accident that the two greatest competive eaters of ALLTIME (Takeru Kobayashi and Sonya Thomas) are Asian? I think not. That's why, on Sunday, I have got my pregame currently mapped out. In the early morning, we are driving up to Harlem for some soulfood breakfast. In the afternoon, we're heading to Chinatown for a New Year's feast. And correct later on, we are leaping in the car to start gathering consultant samples from all of New York City's very best eating places for wings. By the time the Tremendous Bowl begins, we'll be well on our way to stuffing ourselves in the title of science. Crap, do you men think I have an consuming disorder? I read recently that males get all sorts of eating problems these cheap air max times. Did you know that? Isn't that bizarre? Surprisingly, it is not called bulimia though if a guy will get it. It is known as becoming gay! See, I can get away with that joke because I have several gay readers and they know I'm just cheap beats by dre joking. I can also say it because I have a bunch of gay friends. Really, I am just kidding. I do not have ANY homosexual buddies. I used to have a few but they dropped me after I got married and experienced a child. Nicely, I think that's why they dropped me. It could have been simply because they busted me in public sporting pleated jeans. Isn't it bizarre that if you have gay friends you can make homosexual jokes? Why is sexual choice different from racial identification? Because it usually pisses me off when I listen to someone make a black joke or an antisemitic remark but then try to absolve themselves by saying, "Oh, it cheap studio beats is okay. I've got a great deal of black (or Jewish) friends. I'm awesome." Sorry, folks. It does not function that way. Get with the program. That reminds me of a routine I listened to recently from standup comedian Jo Koy. I think my mind

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